christian koss photoblog

Directed another music video in a theatre last weekend. Happened to shoot some photos for my blog as well this time. Clients and team were great to work with. Very sincere people. Everyone was focused on having the most pleasant production and is now looking forward to the release. Obviously the most professional film shoot I have had so far.

Completed my set of tools for some decent branding and hand lettering today. Gathered everything throughout the past few weeks. Learning process is going to demand quite some time which appears complicated due to my current work schedule. Still looking forward to getting the hang of brush work particularly.

Spent a day with a friend and his bandmates the other week. Documented the setup and soundcheck in the venue they were booked in to play. Walked the area and had dinner at the hotel later. Got to meet a lot of great and sincere people and had one of the best days in quite some time to be honest.

Spent a whole day shooting some documentary photographs of another airsoft skirm for a client, the other week. Not the most darling get-together, to be honest, but still a commision to remember, as we made friends, quickly. Glad to say that the portfolio to my upcoming web page is filling swiftly. Looking forward to publishing.

Walked the nearby forests with a good friend who happened to have a day off, as well. We brought our cameras and shot alongside one another. Briefly got lost from time to time, but enjoyed our visit nonetheless. The woods never seem to let me down. I am a constant guest, now.

Received a last-minute-call for another Airsoft skirm, last weekend. Glad to be the chosen photographer once more. Headed off in the very morning, so we were lucky enough to have some time for prepping, later. Brought a steadycam to focus on shooting a short film, but happened to capture some of the scenes in photos, as well.

Seven photos of when we walked the woods, the other day. Actually, our brief walk got us lost. Hence the while we’ve been on the move. Enjoyed our time, anyway. No phones. Just a few dear friends and a camera. Rather lovely piece of earth we’ve discovered there.

Some of the food we had this morning. Spent the day with two of the dearest people in my current life. Arrived early and made ourselves comfortable in my favourite spot of the coffee house. I quickly ordered a large mug and set up for the next few hours. Everyone delighted in the wide variety of goods and shared some good laughs, of course. Even had some time to visit the forests I took a walk in, a few weeks ago. A good day, indeed.

Drove out into the woods near my hometown with an old friend, yesterday. Felt the urge to walk and clear my mind of uncomfortable thoughts. Wandered about the forest for a while and got back home to buy some furniture and to barbecue. So glad he got me back on my feet with his kind an honest character. Once more I was remembered to be thankful for people one keeps close.

I happened to have the pleasure to document another Airsoft skirm, last weekend. It was to be my leadoff match this season. A friend booked me in to shoot some photos throughout the day. We arrived quite early, prepared for the field and took a brief walk to make familiar with the location. Wandered around later to shoot appealing imagery of becalmed and of course thrilling moments. Delighted in some coffee, food and a few cigarettes in between and basically enjoyed the day. Glad to have clients that get me go travel.

Yesterday in the very morning, I said good bye to someone rather important to me. We spent quite a few darling months together. Now she left for taking care of life in her home country. Knowing that I was in need of one, she presented me a small wooden something before she left. Indeed, one of the most attentive and considerate persons I’ve ever met.

Captured the current state of the studio space I am about to work in alongside with a good friend, this morning. Over a year ago, she approached me as a client and quickly delighted in my photos. We’ve worked together ever since and became friends in the meantime. For now I have only good to say about her, of course. She’s a lovely person. And strong. Something to admire about young creatives. Looking forward to the years to come.

Shot some images for one of my closest friends as a reward for taking care of my new web page. He put quite some effort in it in the last couple of weeks. It is a gift having someone capable of something valuable as a friend. Particularly if this friend is in need of your profession, as well. It is a relief to know you have constant access to this person by just a brief text message. Work gets so much more plain and smart. I am proud to say I have found somebody reliable I can count on in work and life, of course.

A close friend is currently editing my new web appearance, so we got some work done in the coffee house, yesterday. Everything looks quite good so far. Still have to worry about the pages mobile users visit. Really looking forward to the completed piece. It is to be released in the next few weeks as a desktop version. Loads of content I did and will not publish on my social media.

A few stills from the footage I just shot this morning. Took some photos as reference for the clips I filmed later. Very first shoot, this year. Eventually some things have changed, too. As you may have noticed, I showcase images of a slightly higher resolution. Moreover, I enhanced my kind of writing and the look of my blog as well. I would like to present a more complete experience of viewing to my readers. People keep telling me how much they appreciate my blog and press on their bookmarks every day. Most flattering compliment I could ever receive, to be honest. So thankful. I still blog photo sets. I still write stories. And I still hope you enjoy my photographs. C